PREVIEWSworld’s Featured This Week Comics & Graphic Novels for 5/23

Every week PREVIEWSworld calls attention to those books and graphic novels which stand out from all the rest. These titles from Premier Vendors and independent publishers should be at the top of your list, and can be found at your local comic shop on May 23.

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Black Panther #1

Marvel Comics

(W) Ta-Nehisi Coates (A/CA) Daniel Acuna

A bold new direction for the Black Panther! For years, T'Challa has fought off invaders from his homeland, protecting Wakanda from everything from meddling governments to long-lost gods. Now, he will discover that Wakanda is much bigger than he ever dreamed.

Item Code: MAR180786
Price: $4.99
In Shops 5/23/2018

Invincible Iron Man #600

Marvel Comics

(W) Brian Michael Bendis (A) Stefano Caselli, Alex Maleev (CA) Chris Sprouse

Brian Bendis Ends His Marvel Tenure With This Very Special Oversized Anniversary Issue! Tony Stark is back, but in what form? At least five huge surprises await new and old fans alike. Industry legend Brian Michael Bendis drops his final Marvel Comic to end an era, and he's going out big! This super-sized anniversary extravaganza features artistic contributions from a bevy of Bendis' collaborators from over the years, including Jim Cheung, David Marquez, Mike Deodato Jr., Mark Bagley, Leinil Francis Yu, Daniel Acuña and a few other surprises! All this and a huge new villain arises! And the futures of Tony, Riri Williams and Victor Von Doom are all revealed!

Item Code: MAR180837
Price: $5.99
In Shops 5/23/2018

Detective Comics #981

DC Comics

(W) James TynionIV (A) Eddy Barrows, Eber Ferreira (CA) Eddy Barrows

"Batmen Eternal" finale! This is it - the unbelievable conclusion of James Tynion IV's Batman epic! It's the last stand of the Gotham Knights, fighting a monster they helped inspire... and a destiny they won't accept! What will become of the greatest crime-fighting team Gotham City ever saw?

Item Code: MAR180275
Price: $2.99
In Shops 5/23/2018

Justice League No Justice #3

DC Comics

(W) Scott Snyder & Various (A) Francis Manapul, Marcus To (CA) Francis Manapul

Starfire makes a crushing discovery, Beast Boy uncovers a shocking betrayal, and Cyborg and Wonder Woman are forced to make decisions that will have devastating repercussions for all four teams... and potentially for those they left behind on Earth.

Item Code: MAR180231
Price: $3.99
In Shops 5/23/2018


Barrier #4

Image Comics

(W) Brian K. Vaughan (A/CA) Marcos Martin, Muntsa Vicente

Though they can't understand a word the other is saying, Oscar and Liddy must learn to communicate if they stand any chance of surviving their otherworldly captors. Mature Readers.

Item Code: MAR180575
Price: $3.99
PREVIEWS Page #201
In Shops 5/23/2018

Hit-Girl #4

Image Comics

(W) Mark Millar (A) Ricardo Lopez Ortiz (CA) Amy Reeder

It's The Colombian Showdown.  In the bloody climax to her Colombian adventure, Hit-Girl makes her last stand against Palmira's gang lords. She's enslaved Mano as a sidekick, but will he finally crack and turn weapons on his own people? Hit-Girl #4 is an action-packed gorefest - the bloodbath before Mindy sets off to her next destination. Mature Readers.

Item Codes: MAR180686
Price: $3.99
PREVIEWS Page #229
In Shops 5/23/2018

TMNT: Urban Legends #1

IDW Publishing

(W) Gary Carlson (A/CA) Frank Fosco

This is it, fans! You demanded it, and IDW Publishing listened! The entire Image Comics TMNT run (a.k.a TMNT Volume 3) reproduced for the first time ever in full, four-color glory! Join creators Gary Carlson and Frank Fosco as they take the Heroes in a Half-Shell on some of their most amazing and dangerous and bizarre adventures ever... culminating in three brand-new issues (#24-26), written and drawn by original creators Gary Carlson and Frank Fosco, completing this long-beloved storyline at last!

Item Code: MAR180421
Price: $3.99
PREVIEWS Page #161
In Shops 5/23/2018

Black Hammer: Age Of Doom #2

Dark Horse Comics

(W) Jeff Lemire (A/CA) Dean Ormston

The Eisner Award-winning superhero saga returns! As new Black Hammer Lucy Weber fights her way out of this gritty new dimension, she finds herself caught in Hell itself and up against trickster demons, Satan, and a bizarre emo god.

Item Code: MAR180028
Price: $3.99
In Shops 5/23/2018

Legenderry Red Sonja #4

D. E.

(W) Marc Andrekyo (A) Rodney Buscemi (CA) Joe Benitez

If Red can survive becoming a snack for aquatic based terrors, all she and Nemo have to do is infiltrate their enemy's impenetrable stronghold and defeat the unnatural beasts that live within before being torn limb from limb. Should be fun!

Item Code: MAR181488
Price: $3.99
PREVIEWS Page #345
In Shops 5/23/2018


Lumberjanes #50

BOOM! Studios

(W) Shannon Watters, Kat Leyh (A) Dozerdraws, Brooklyn Allen (CA) Kat Leyh

In this oversized anniversary issue, April, Mal and Ripley make several very cool and also pretty gross discoveries deep in the tunnels beneath the Mess Hall. Up above in the civilized world Jo and Molly join Emily, Diane and the Zodiac cabin for a fun and totally chill game of total world conquest! Contains a special short story illustrated by co-creator Brooklyn Allen.

Item Code: MAR181255
Price: $4.99
PREVIEWS Page #312
In Shops 5/23/2018


Invader Zim #30

Oni Press

(W) Eric Trueheart (A/CA) Fred Stresing, Maddie C.

Turns out there is more to Darkpoop Cola than meets the eye, and now Dib has been recruited into the inner circle of Poopwatch, a secret society dedicated to stopping the advance of dark forces who would use the power of Poop for evil. But can Dib get his hands on a bottle of Darkpoop before Gaz kills him? And what does this have to do with ZIM? The thrilling part two of a two-part two-parter!

Item Code: FEB181695
Price: $3.99
PREVIEWS Page #403
In Shops 5/23/2018

X-O Manowar #15

Valiant Entertainment

(W) Matt Kindt (A) Trevor Hairsine (CA) Lewis LaRosa

As HARBINGER WARS 2 besieges the Valiant Universe - and X-O Manowar along with it - Aric of Dacia cannot escape the flames that now threaten his future...or the shadows that cloud his past. Before space... Before the armor... Return to the apex of the Visigoth conquest as a younger, brasher Aric and a sword-wielding grifter set off on a continent-spanning quest for fortune, glory, and power! From the bloodstained sands of the gladiatorial arena to the dunes of the Arabian Desert, meet the man who would become the warrior-king of an alien civilization - and our own world's most powerful hero - as he sets out to seize his destiny once upon a time in a land of faraway kings and unrepentant conquerors!

Item Code: MAR182002
Price: $3.99
PREVIEWS Page #468
In Shops 5/23/2018

Black Panther: Long Live The King TP

Marvel Comics

(W) Nnedi Okorafor, Aaron Covington (A) Andre Araujo & Various (CA) Andre Araujo

First Time In Print! Heavy is the head that wears the crown. As the Black Panther and an Avenger, T'Challa has had to save the world time and again - but those duties pale in comparison to his responsibilities as king of Wakanda. Now, as the nation rebuilds in the wake of revolution, T'Challa finds his people besieged by a massive monster tearing through the country, leaving a trail of destruction in its wake!

Item Code: FEB180931
Price: $14.99
In Shops 5/23/2018

The Wild Storm Volume 2 TP

DC Comics

(W) Warren Ellis (A) Jon Davis-Hunt (CA) Jim Lee, Scott Williams

Jackie King, chief analyst at IO, tries to make sense of all the pieces scattered across the board since Angela Spica saved Jacob Marlowe's life. Angela Spica wakes up at Jacob Marlowe's safe house and starts to realize how far from real life she's been thrown since then. But life is not slowing down, and Marlowe's wild covert action team has to extract the last member of their number from an IO black site. Collects The Wild Storm #7-12.

Item Code: FEB180316
Price: $16.99
PREVIEWS Page #148
In Shops 5/23/2018

Sacred Creatures Volume 1 TP

Image Comics

(W/A) Pablo Raimondi, Klaus Janson (CA) Pablo Raimondi

When the supernatural forces maintaining the fragile balance of power in this world start to unravel, Josh Miller, a young college grad and expectant father, is caught in the middle of a vast conspiracy threatening to tear apart the foundations of humanity as we know it. As myth and reality collide, Josh finds himself on the frontline of a battle against an enemy dating back to the beginning of time itself. Collects Sacred Creatures #1-6. Mature Readers.

Item Code: DEC170664
Price: $22.99
PREVIEWS Page #201
In Shops 5/23/2018

The Wormworld Saga Volume 1: The Journey Begins TP

Lion Forge

(W/A/CA) Daniel Lieske

This gorgeous fantasy epic follows Jonas, a young boy from our human world, who stumbles into an alternate universe through a painting in his grandmother's attic. When the portal closes behind him Jonas must find another way home and begins a journey through this strange and fascinating land. Along the way he meets Raya, who becomes his guardian in the new world. But there are many things Raya is not telling Jonas, and this world is not peaceful.

Item Code: MAR181754
Price: $9.99
PREVIEWS Page #390
In Shops 5/23/2018

BVS DAH-002 Dynamic 8-Ction Heroes Wonder Woman PX AF


From Beast Kingdom. A PREVIEWS Exclusive. Beast Kingdom provides an all new interpretation of classic DC superhero Wonder Woman based on Gal Gadot's portrayal in Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice in their D.A.H. (Dynamic 8ction Heroes) series! The figure is made with real human proportions, and has a total of 24 movable joints, allowing you to recreate any number of classic poses. With fine exterior design and detailed professional painting, not only are Wonder Woman's exquisite features and delicate visage perfectly recreated, her battle dress and gear are all faithfully recreated. A die cast version of Diana's Sword and shield are included.

Item Code: MAY178109
Price: $50.00
PREVIEWS Page #589
In Shops 5/23/2018

BVS DAH-003 Dynamic 8-Ction Heroes Superman PX AF


From Beast Kingdom. A PREVIEWS Exclusive. Beast Kingdom's all new D.A.H. (Dynamic 8ction Heroes) series introduces the famous DC Man of Steel, Superman! A proportional figure based on Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice, this figure has 30 movable joints, allowing players to recreate any number of classic poses. With a highly realistic exterior design, and fine professional painting, beast Kingdom completely recreates the great looks of Henry Cavill's Superman; his muscular physique and his entire costume, cape included. A kryptonite spear is also included, which is made of diecast material.

Item Code: MAY178110
Price: $50.00
PREVIEWS Page #589
In Shops 5/23/2018

Disney Lilo & Stitch Ml-004 Stitch PX Statue

Beast Kingdom Co., Ltd

From Beast Kingdom. A PREVIEWS Exclusive! Beast Kingdom is pleased to announce this stunning statue of Stitch from the Disney classic Lilo and Stitch! The sculpt of the statue is based off official sketches and pictures as the basis for the contours, expression, and atmosphere of this Miracle Land sculpture to provide a lively depiction of Stitch's toothy smile. The sculpture is hand-painted, with special attention given to provide layered and shadow effects. The ML-004 Disney Stitch is not just a solid statue but a childhood friend imbued with warmth and spirit. The exclusive metal name tag and high-quality imitation wood base perfectly complements this valuable and must-have piece for your collection.

Item Code: AUG178580
Price: $135.00
In Shops 5/23/2018


POP Marvel Deadpool Parody Deadpool Vinyl Figure


From Funko. Marvel’s famous mercenary Deadpool arrives in new Funko forms and stands about 3 3/4" tall. Arrives in collector-friendly window box packaging.

Item Code: JAN188380
Price: $10.99
PREVIEWS Page #1055
In Shops 5/23/2018

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