Comic Shop Spotlight: Fenix Comix

Fenix Comix located in Peculiar, Missouri


Vital Stats

OWNERS: Rick, Erica, Jennifer, Phil, Jared, and Ginny




STORE SIZE (square feet): 800




About Our Shop

Favorite Recent Comic Book: Bone Parrish and Bubba Ho-tep

What has been your best promotion or event?  We had Bob Hall in to sign and it was a live streaming event too, which was very successful for us.

What recent changes have you made in the store?  We re-arrange the shop at least once a month.  We have expanded our comic and trade paperback selection, especially within the independent section.  

How did you choose your store name?  Fenix was our daughter’s screen name when she played video games and we liked it and knew it would work for the logo we had in mind, which we used in a previous business venture.  

What superpower would you most like to have?  Selective invisibility and the ability to use others’ powers. 

Mystery boxes have been a success for Fenix

The Indie comics wall

DC's corner of the store



Pop culture movies are typically shown for customers to check out

Marvel Comics wall

A colorful place to rest while companions are shopping

Erica shows off the colorful checkout area

Back issues



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