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Best of 2023 Interview: Gargoyles' Greg Weisman Gives You More of What you Loved!

 Interview by Troy-Jeffrey Allen

Gargoyles from Dynamite Comics 

Welcome back to our "BEST OF 2023" interview series! Where we sit down and hang out with the writers, artists, writer-artists, and editors responsible for my favorite 2023 page-turners. Full bias.  

First on our "Best of"rewind, we gave you kinky kaijus. Then, Marvel's Blade made two! Now, writer Greg Weisman takes me to the Dark Ages with Dynamite's hit series Gargoyles!

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 Gargoyles from Dynamite Comics

Out the gate, what do you want people to know about the Gargoyles books at Dynamite?

That they’re in continuity, i.e. canon to the original series, that hopefully we’re capturing the feel and heft of the original series in both the writing and the amazing art.

 Gargoyles from Dynamite Comics

Currently, we’re about to kick off Gargoyles: Quest. Can you set the stage for readers?

Quest will pick-up pretty much right where issue #12 of Gargoyles leaves off.  It’s the next big story in the Gargoyles franchise.  And it’s Demona-focused.  This is her next big plan for dealing with the hated human race!

Gargoyles from Dynamite Comics 

The Gargoyles show had a very distinct look. When look for an artist, do you look to translate that look to the comics?

We’re not looking to create a house style here.  I want each individual artist to feel free to use their own individual style.  So the main criteria is objective.  Goliath has three fingers and a thumb.  I don’t want to suddenly see him with a human five-fingered hand.  Relative heights and weights should be maintained.  Coloring of characters should be consistent.  But no one has to try to draw like anyone else.

Gargoyles from Dynamite Comics 

How has it been working with George Kambadais on the main comic?

It’s been a dream.  George just nails it.  Some of the images I’ve loved the most are quiet panels, where he gets so much out of a single expression.  It’s just lovely stuff.

 Gargoyles from Dynamite Comics

What can readers expect from the series in 2024?

More of what they’ve always loved about Gargoyles.  Action, drama, humor, romance, magic, science fiction, heroics, villainy – and everything in between.

We like to shout out unsung heroes here. So, who on the Gargoyles creative team deserves some recognition?

Jeff Eckleberry has done the lettering on every issue of Gargoyles and Gargoyles: Dark Ages.  And none of us would be here without editor Nate Cosby!

Gargoyles from Dynamite Comics
Gargoyles, Gargoyles: Quest, and Gargoyles: Dark Ages are available now at your local comic shop.
(W) Greg Weisman (A) George Kambadais (CA) David Nakayama
The first collection of Gargoyles creator GREG WEISMAN's all-new tales set in the world of his beloved animated show is finally here!

Collecting issues #1-6 of the acclaimed series written by Weisman and illustrated by GEORGE KAMBADAIS, Gargoyles: Here in Manhattan reintroduces the Manhattan Clan, a Gargoyles family newly dedicated to their mission of defending humanity in modern-day New York. But even though their commitment is strong, their bonds are about to be tested to the limit when nefarious factions from all across the world attempt to steal that rarest, most precious of possessions... an unhatched Gargoyle egg!

To celebrate this historic publication, Dynamite Entertainment is proud to present three special editions with covers by the legendary original Gargoyles comics series artist AMANDA CONNER and new series cover superstars DAVID NAKAYAMA and JAE LEE.
In Shops: Mar 27, 2024
SRP: $19.99
PREVIEWS Page #171
(W) Greg Weisman (A) Drew Moss (CA) Clayton Crain
In this brand new story, Gargoyles creator GREG WEISMAN and artist DREW MOSS return to the long-lost era when humans and Gargoyles lived in harmony. But in a world ruled by superstition and the sword, monsters come in all shapes and sizes. Forces of evil from both outside and within are threatening to destroy this precarious peace- with consequences that will reverberate down through the centuries and into the present day!
In Shops: Sep 11, 2024
SRP: $19.99


Troy-Jeffrey Allen is the Consumer Marketing Manager for Diamond Comics Distributors and He is also the Consumer Marketing Manager for Geppi Family Enterprises. Troy's work includes MF DOOM: All Caps, Public Enemy's Apocalypse '91: Revolution Never Sleeps, O.D.B.: Lyrical Ruckus in the City, and the Glyph Award-nominated Fight of the Century.

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