I Am Harriet Tubman For Black History Month

The latest installment for his series of children's books of historical figures, I Am Harriet Tubman (NOV172224) by bestselling author Brad Meltzer is in comic shops January 17, just in time for Black History Month!

Brad Meltzer started his line of kids books to give hope and real-world anecdotes to kids so that they can see that wide range of possibilities in life, and his latest effort focuses on the woman who helped African Americans get on the path to civil rights in America. This volume of Brad's friendly and fun biography series with art by Chris Eliopoulos focuses on Harriet Tubman's brave heroism as part of the movement to abolish slavery. As one of the key players in the Underground Railroad, she helped enslaved African-Americans escape and find freedom.

It is a story that is very dear to Brad's heart. "What’s your North Star?" he asks. "Mine can be found in the pages of this book, I Am Harriet Tubman. When Harriet Tubman was a girl, her father told her that if you follow the North Star, you’ll always know you’re headed in the right direction. Such a simple idea, right? And one our kids need so much, especially today. Look where the world is. Look around right now. We need heroes like her more than ever."

Ask for I Am Harriet Tubman (NOV172224) at your local comic shop, and read it to a young impressionable mind in your family!

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