DC Debuts Sideways February 14

Dark Nights: Metal has given us a new kid on the block: high school junior Derek James. Would you like to get to know him? Would you like to know what bands are on his playlist? Do you think he’s already experienced his first high school crush? Judging by how he’s the man behind the mask in DC Comics’ new Sideways #1 (DEC170221), it’s a safe bet to say he’ not one of the crowd. Definitely a lone wolf? But who’s got the dirt on the new face? Who are some of the supporting characters in the story?

In regards to Derek’s stomping grounds, he’s a high school junior, which means he’s a local boy. Probably not a lot of trips around the country, let alone across the ocean. As his power allows him to leap through dimensions, his ability must be a mind trip that in and of itself is a story. Imagine what he thinks once he arrives on the other side of…somewhere?

Written by Dan DiDio and Justin Jordan, imagine how much work went into the conception of these other dimensions. Both writers are already familiar with the DC Universe already, so one can easily guess about the strange new highways that are on tap for Sideways.

Featuring art by Kenneth Rocafort, the book touts that with “much power comes great liability.” So it’s safe to say that there’s a huge learning curve for Derek in assuming his new role as a superhero. Is he alone in that learning curve, or will there be some sort of safety net? Aren’t there CliffsNotes available for poor Derek?

Too many questions to ask, eh? That’s why you need to pick up Sideways #1 (DEC170221) from DC Comics in shops February 14!

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